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Dream 2020

Picture this. It’s mid January 2020. After investing 2 years of your life in every sense into your life project, the effort was finally recognized by a group of outside investors. €300k was secured for future growth of the only B2B esports company in the World. 

It’s February. A plan was set into motion. GG representatives have signed contracts with Government officials from the Chinese province of Suzhou. GG was to open a company and take office space for regional development in Suzhou and Shanghai. 

Signing the cooperation deal with the province of Suzhou


This is perfect. Signed just before my flight to Berlin where I’m meeting with local partners and scouting locations for the first GG Berlin. There are so many cool places to host your event in Berlin, but the perfect one for us is ‘bUm - Raum’ - a co-working space for socially impactful projects. Perfect fit. While we’re here, why not meet with Berlinbrandenburg Games:net, the biggest network of gaming-related companies located around Berlin, with more than 400 members. Pretty neat way to acquire leads for our first GG Berlin event. And yeah, we got to be the first Croatian company member, even though we’re just about to put our foot down in Berlin. 

It’s late February. I was just in Tel Aviv for a conference and to set up relations with our local partners to develop GG TLV into a self sustaining region. IGN Israel was on board, as were a few others. Wow. The interest is growing with each interaction. We’re bringing something fresh to the table. Finally! 


It’s March. News of COVID-19 is spreading faster than the disease. Far cries from China are now taken seriously. Country after country is announcing lockdown measurements. Croatia is not far behind. March 18th - lockdown engaged.  Market after market closes its doors. Partner after partner announces backing out of the project as they don’t know what the future holds. Can’t blame them really. Few still hold strong. So do we. Things seem bleak but everyone is in this same shit together. What else can go wrong? Oh yeah, the city of Zagreb gets hit with a very shallow very strong earthquake which devastates the city and yours’ truly apartment. Nikola, shaken and stirred. Nice to meet you. 

Zagreb Earthquake - March 2020

April. Most markets have shut down. Travel limitations are issued. GG is in hot water. What do we do now? Online tournaments only? Let’s recap our values. Teambuilding, networking, employer branding, social responsibility. Can all of this be achieved online? Not really, if we’re honest with ourselves. Ok. Fck the hand we’re dealt. Let’s reshuffle. 


What are we good at? Branding. Esports activations. Partnerships. Merch store suddenly looks promising instead of just an afterthought. What can we do here? Optimise. Question. Grow. Learn. Fail. Learn. Grow again. More than 35 influencers on our platform, things start looking less bleak. 

May. Lockdown ends. Things start heating up. New influx of creative and work energy starts flowing in. First thing first, let’s see what we can do on the content side. Fuck it, we’ll do it live. So we organize the first 24-hour charity live stream - Streamatron, and manage to secure 3000 euros donated for reconstruction of the children's hospital in Zagreb!  During this time, GG Njole, GG Prounstar, GG Novakin and GG Borko join our ranks. Our new content team. #GGFam. Boys stream under GG brand and guidelines. We provide them with a studio, equipment and hopefully sponsorship deals. 

#GGFam Streamers

Fast forward through the period of constant merch store and content production testing and iterating. Re-launch of Good Game Show and Brutzcast. #GGFam seems fit for the job. Content production is blasting. We’ve re-launched our website But we’re still missing… One. More. Key. Ingredient. 

Brrrring (Discord call sounds):
Mysterious caller: hey dude, what’s up?
Gnarsky: nothing much. What’s up with you?
Mysterious caller: wanted to share an idea. What would you say if GG had official CS:GO and Valorant teams?
Gnarsky: hold my beer. 

After about a month and a half of negotiation, GG has acquired the former QSKE CS:GO roster! Holy hell… CS:GO matches are now gonna be nail biting experiences. Awesome! Soon thereafter we've locked a cooperation with the former CS:GO team Locastic, who will now be the official GG Valorant team. In addition to our two Brawl Stars teams, we now have 4 esports teams in total. Logitech sponsorship is already done and signed. Godspeed gentlemen!

 Good Game Esports Jerseys

Q4 2020 and Beyond

I can proudly say that Good Game Global now consists of:




We are now reinforced with new social media talent, new content creators, even better merch design, highest production value projects.  Will the next few months be tough? Hell yeah. But, you’re reading words from the guys who refused 6-figure salaries in order to, amongst other things, manually dust a 1500m2 hangar, post-event. So yeah, we’re tougher. Oh, and the merch store? It now has more than 100.000 unique monthly visitors.  Believe it or not, all of this was achieved by this team of 5.

See you soon with more updates, Nikola // Gnarsky CEO Good Game Global

P.S. Serendipity: ‘the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way’.