We are a close-knit family who is working hard in order to make our dream a reality. Mutual support, respect and responsibility are the secrets to our success and the core values of all GG employees.

Various projects and hard work are the key components of our every day and open communication is the glue that connects it all.

Do you feel that you are the right amount of responsible and talented to join the gaming industry? Come and join our team filled with mutual support, memes, and good hearts and help us to reach the top.

P.S. A lot of our team members started as volunteers at our Good Game events.

Through volunteering and meeting the people who started this journey, many wished to join our cause.

By displaying their will to learn and work hard to showcase their skills they became a part of our team. Besides that, many made lifelong friends through volunteering.

Want to be a part of our team by volunteering at our events? Feel free to contact us.

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