PUBG Duo Adria Championship 2019

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In 2018, Good Game Global launched the largest tournament in Croatia called the PUBG Prvenstvo Hrvatske with a prize pool of 10,000 HRK. Last year we decided to expand the area that we wanted to include in the competition, but also the size of the prize pool. Players from countries such as Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary competed for a prize pool worth as much as € 10,000 at an unusual location for such a tournament - LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin.

How did we come up with the idea of ​​this form of LAN event?

As previously mentioned, we realized that we needed to increase the size of the whole competition, and we noticed that we have the opportunity to start a whole new story around the spaces where the LAN events are usually being held. So far, events of this kind have been held inside halls or competition facilities (such as smaller stadiums), but none have been held within the wellness center or spa. In addition to the tournament, the competitors had the opportunity to relax inside one of the many recreational or massage pools located within the entire LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin complex.

Why PUBG? 

Because of the 2018 tournament, we had a very good surface in Croatia. And as previously said, we wanted to expand that area and allow regional players who play at a semi-professional level greater visibility and to show their abilities to a wider audience. Today, most players who compete in that tournament play either tournaments/leagues organized by PUBG (like PCS) or official third-party tournaments/leagues (like BPL). In addition, a good portion of these players currently plays for professional teams such as Redline, Tempus, and Entropiq.

PUBG is one of the most played games on the market today with over 250,000 players on a monthly basis and one of the currently best-developed esports scenes, with 4 regions (APAC, ASIA, EU, and NA) and numerous tournaments carrying high prize pools. Qualifications for PCS 2 (PUBG Continental Series 2) are currently being played, where the broadcast of the tournament after the qualifications will be possible to watch on PUBG live streaming channels.

The flow of the whole tournament

Compared to the 2018 tournament in which each competitor participated alone, last year we decided on a variant in which competitors participated as a team, ie in pairs (the so-called Duo mode within the game itself). 53 registered teams participated in one-day qualifiers where they were assigned to two groups that played simultaneously. Competitors had the opportunity to show their skills on two maps: Erangel Remastered and Miramar, of which Erangel was played three times, while Miramar was played twice. In order to contribute to the competitive character, the official rules for tournaments and competitions, as well as the scoring system, were used during the tournament. Scoring system of such enables a more correct distribution of points where practically 2 points before the last match can decide if you will go to the finals or you will end your journey in the group stage.

32 teams secured their place in the finals, of which 31 teams found their place through the qualifiers, while the 32nd team received a direct invite. That team consisted of popular streamers/players in this area of ​​SprEEEzy and bLYYY. 6 matches were played in the finals, of which 3 Erangel Remastered and 3 Miramar were played, and after all the matches and close fights we got the winners of the PUBG Duo Adria Championship in 2019, the team called MonsterForLife (consisting of players: x3ronTV and mf4_Bracale). In second place was the team OnlineGods (players eXvolution and RyoZIN), and in third place was the team 800dpi (players YuriyCRO and Frki).

The first match on Erangel was opened by the MonsterForLife team with 8 kills and a win. Match number 2 on the Erangel was won by the Inside Games team (players eSuba_Nowikk and iG_PiXel) with 7 kills. The third and last game on Erangel was taken by the MasterPredictors team (players Naylup and Qbettinhos) with 7 kills. The first game at Miramar (or the 4th game of the final) was won by the Grim Ravens team (players ezmegaz and Sicario) with 7 kills. The penultimate game of the final was won by the Sniip OG team (players MaM1c and kleineman) with 5 kills. The last game at Miramar and also the last game of this tournament was won by MonsterForLife players with 9 kills.

By having a total of 47 points and having as much as a 12-point advantage in front of the runners-up, the MonsterForLife team won first place and thus took home the main prize of € 4,000.00.

One of the best players of the tournament itself was eXvolution, which was a top fragger with 17 kills, made the most dmg (2,595 dmg), and is also the person who lived the longest on all 6 maps (146 minutes and 35 seconds). So in fact eXvolution was the MVP according to the number of awards and was given a PUBG package with PUBG merchandise. Apart from him, there were also Nedim1312 (Forrest Gump award) and MG_IanGG (Longest kill award) who won awards in those other two categories and also received the PUBG package.

Of course, in addition to the players themselves, there were also commentators who were present throughout the LAN event and who did their best to comment on those 6 matches. Sansensworld and Ameyshouse kept the stream in English, while on the other hand Pougljeni Mrav, Delta, CholaPC, and Swed1sh kept the stream in Croatian. With minimal technical difficulties, these people brought not only the stream but also the entire LAN event a dose of professionalism to make the whole event look more complete.

What is the review of the whole event?

After the end of the whole event, praise began to arrive from all sides. From the partners and sponsors themselves who were satisfied with the whole organization to PUBG who had the very words of praise for the event. Of course, the players themselves gave their review of the whole event, praising it and expecting that at least one such event will be held this year, because there are too few such events in this area, and none had a similar prize pool as it had this one.


Finally, when we asked x3ronTV (the winner of the tournament) what he could tell us about the whole tournament, we got this statement:
"First of all, I would like to thank the organizers for such a well-organized tournament ... I am very happy that I had the opportunity to play a tournament like this and even happier that I won it together with my teammate Bracale. All praise for the organizers once again, the Good Game Global tournament was at the level of the biggest PUBG tournaments, seen from the point of view of the players and the point of view of the tournament spectators. I hope that there will be more tournaments like this in the future because we really need that."

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