Philips OneBlade Showdown Qualifiers B

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It’s been a week, which means it’s time for a new round of Qualifiers in Philips OneBlade Showdown. Saturday rolled around and the bracket for Sunday was already full. Consisting of only new teams, this bracket would provide us with some great CS:GO matches. We were about to watch these teams: B.U.F.U. - Team, Spryzen, Principp, Que Ota, Puzoi Esport, ZoharesPeek, Tobogan & Olimp. All of these teams were about to make their debuts on Sunday at noon. 

Armed with a new caster, our very own Borko, we couldn’t wait for the matches to start. The only problem was, Spryzen wasn’t there for the first match. The captain of Spryzen got sick the night before and couldn’t perform. They couldn’t find a substitution in time so the victory goes to B.U.F.U - Team. They are now one step closer to the playoffs.

We started the stream at 1 PM with a match between Principp and Que Ota. Mirage was picked and the start was looking promising. Both teams showing up in rounds that mattered, but Que Ota shifted into fifth gear and dominated the rest of the map. 16:6 was the final result and now they would face B.U.F.U - Team.

2 new teams join the server and it’s Puzoi Esport and ZoharesPeek. To nobody’s surprise, the map stayed the same and we’re watching Mirage once again. While both teams put up a good fight, Puzoi Esport was victorious. ZoharesPeek was missing just a tiny pinch of skill and coordination, thus, the final result was 16:9.

Both Borko and me were relieved when we saw Inferno on the loading screen. Time for a new map and a new set of teams. Tobogan and Olimp would face each other in the last match of semi’s. Tobogan completely outclassed Olimp and the game was over quick with a 16:2 score.  

B.U.F.U - Team was about to play their first game of the tournament and it was against no other than Que Ota. To everyone’s surprise, we would now watch Overpass. A map rarely picked on the Pro Scene of CS:GO, was about to be played in the game for a spot in the playoffs. Que Ota had an even easier game than the first one they played. Walking away with a dominant victory over B.U.F.U - Team, they secured their spot in the playoffs. One game left for today.

After a short break, we’re loading up into the last match of the day. Once again it’s Overpass. Puzoi Esport and Tobogan were the names on the scoreboard and we already knew the match was going to be tight. Tobogan and Puzoi Esport both played amazing, taking the lead out of each other's hands constantly. After almost an hour of gameplay, Tobogan came out on top. 16:13 was the last result and Tobogan was the latest team to join Playoffs.

And of course, none of this would be possible without our friends over at Philips. The name of the tournament was inspired by their new Philips OneBlade. It can literally do anything: Trim, edge, and shave any length of hair - for face and body! Their unique OneBlade technology, which moves the blade over 200 times a second, provides you with the best possible shaving experience Once again, a huge shout-out to the guys at Philips for making this possible.

Watch us live on 25th April at See you Sunday!

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