the team

Meet The Team

Tournaments, content production, live streams, and much more... Here is the team that does it all!

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Enthusiastic team leader by day and a vigorous FPS player by night. Gaming runs through his veins but if you want to win him over, try it with a burger or sushi.
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Organizational Manager
A true lover of anything organization and people related. That's why it doesn't come as a surprise that she is responsible for our teams growth and project effectivness. Her favourite game is Horizon Zero Dawn.
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Esports Project Manager
Ivan is an enthusiast when it comes to esports and games in general. Keeping track of what is happening on a global and regional scale in gaming industry is a part of his daily routine. Since gaming is a big part of his life, he is not restricted to a single game, and you will see him jumping from multiplayer games like PUBG to singleplayer games like God of War.
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Content and Media Producer
Even though he's the youngest in our group, make no mistake - he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to CS:GO. If you've seen some of our amazing streams or videos, it was probably one of his works of art. In his natural habitat, you will probably see him eating sweets or playing Witcher.