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Hi, we're Visage Technologies. We’ve been innovating in the field of computer vision since 2002. Today, we have dozens of unique R&D projects under our belt and we’re a proud owner of visage|SDK - 100% proprietary technology that tracks, analyzes and recognizes human faces.

With hundreds of clients relying on our SDK, we gotta make sure it’s always top-notch. That's why we're looking for a Computer Vision Research Engineer to join our team.

But first... what's in it for you?

Our vision is to enable the unimaginable with computer vision technology created in a harmonic workplace. So, in addition to unique projectsgreat learning culture, and collaborative working environment, we offer:

Who are we looking for?

We are the right next step for you if you already proudly own the following skills and qualifications:

Although it’s not mandatory, we wouldn’t mind at all if you had:

About the job

Visage Technologies’ face tracking and analysis algorithms can accurately locate faces and facial points in images or videos, and estimate age, gender, emotion, and identity.

All these algorithms depend in large part on machine learning and are expected to run on a wide array of supported platforms.

To be exact, your contribution to the product would include:

A little bit more about us

We've been around for two decades now. Our growth is fully organic and it has earned us a place among the fastest-growing companies for 6 years in a row. At the same time, we’ve been growing as a team, and currently have 120 team members.

Our most important mission is to create an exceptional place to work. You can check what this really looks like on our blog, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. You might also find the following articles interesting:

Ready to apply or have a question? Get in touch - we look forward to meeting you. :)


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