the team


Having a team in CS:GO esports scene is a must, and these guys showed us what they can do in the 5th season of A1 Adria League. It's time to see what they can achieve!
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His strength is delivering when the team needs it the most. We can always rely on aidkit to clutch it out and win the game.
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Already a household name before joining GG, he is recognized for his decision making and trusty aim. By reinforcing our squad, he has established himself as a key player on server.
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The youngest blood in the team and the guy who takes every aim duel in front of him no matter what.His entry-fragging potential is giving the space his team needs
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Pros make it look easy. He makes it look easy in style. StYleEeZ never gives anyone a shot, because he takes his AWP shot before you know what is happening. Just don’t blink.
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Despite being an amazing aimer,he also leads the team by example. The combination of his firepower and ingame leading helped his team become one of the best in our region