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Our content creators

Our creators will bring you diverse gameplay covering games from Dark Souls 3 to CoD: Warzone. If you are searching for fun, or something new, be sure to check them out.
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The core of our creators. Providing you gameplay spanding from Escape from Tarkov to League of Legends, this guy is surely going to give you a laugh or two.
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Energy, energy and dragons... that's the best way to describe our BorkoZmaj! As an experienced gamer, he will show you a wide range of crazy aces.
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Expert in movies, philosophy and games. If you want to impress him, gift him a monkey. Also, try following him with a meme name on Twitch. He will fall for that, guaranteed.
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Having roots in CoD and CS:GO he is your go-to-pick for FPS games. If you want to see crazy flicks or beautiful headshots he is your man.
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Saving people in real life is his primary job. But in the virtual world - practically running people over with his aiming skills, he proves why he is on the top of the scoretable.