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Good Game Zagreb 2023




B2B Esport Tournament

The biggest B2B CS:GO LAN celebrated its sixth edition, featuring top-notch competition and networking opportunities.
From the 31st of May until the 1st of April, with a packed schedule of online and offline matches, exciting on-site activations, and the loudest crowd, Good Game Zagreb 2023 offered an unforgettable esports experience! Stacked with almost 200 FPS experts from 32 well-known and successful companies from Croatia and the region, the 9th pavilion at Zagrebački Velesajam became a cathedral of esports for a few days and the center for every gaming and IT enthusiasts. Traditionally, the tournament accentuated its core values - networking, team building, employer branding, and social responsibility, but the biggest emphasis was on its charity domain.
In addition to the title of best tech CS:GO team, our competitors also play for certain non-profitable organizations. The top 3 teams, therefore, donated €7,000 to the association of their choice. GGZG Hype Train is already headed to the next station, get abroad and join us!
More information can be found at the official Good Game Zagreb website and Good Game Global socials, but feel free to contact us if you want to know more!
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