Good Game organizes one of the largest B2B Esports tournament.

It brings a unique opportunity to companies that wish to promote themselves, their work, and most importantly, their employees.

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included in price
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Employer Branding and Retention

Good Game is a unique event where your company stands out. This is provided with web page branding, company profiles, digital promo materials, blog posts, branded jerseys, and a lot more of fresh content for your Company channels.

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Team Building

Competitive video games create deeper bonds through strategy, enhance communication, and add a whole lot of fun. Each team member needs to accomplish its role for the team to win and shows the true team identity to the public watching. The best wins a spot at Good Game World Cup.

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Social Responsiblity

Each team selects a charity when registering to participate in Good Game. The charity which was selected by the team winning the Good Game World Cup will receive a donation.

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Gaming provides an exciting platform for a different kind of networking - one without business pressures. Experience the advantages of casual fun talks provided on our Discord platform, on the events person to person, or better yet within ingame matches.

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We are not hardcore gamers, but we love to play, and at Good Game, you can never lose - competing for a good cause in great company.

Luka Abrus

Five / Partner, Client Strategy