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Since esports and streaming are like two sisters, there is no way you could disregard one of them in project development. Through our tournaments, content creation, and podcasts, improving streaming quality was a continuous learning process. Because of this, we can now offer a streaming studio and streaming stations as a part of our Good Game HQ, here in Zagreb. 

Good Game Streaming Studio includes 20.6m2 of soundproof space filled with streaming equipment and high-end PC’s. For a flawless connection, we have a 300/300 internet connection and a team of people always there to help with the stream. Some of our content creation team can confirm the quality of studio VR and green screen implementation that could be a nice addition to creators daily content. 

Within our HQ there are also streaming stations. They are created for all the streamers that are traveling to Zagreb and don’t want to stop their continuous content uploads. Also, if you have your want to start streaming but don’t have the necessary equipment at home, you can do that by renting out a streaming station. Each one has a high-end PC with preinstalled games and platforms you would need for a flawless stream. All you need to do is power up and play!

Various projects went through our streaming studio and here are some of them. 

MIXX award ceremony 2020


One of the first streaming projects held in our studio was the award ceremony of MIXX,  IdejaX, and Effie awards 2020. If you haven’t already known, those awards recognize and celebrate the best digital advertising campaigns and are usually announced at Dani Komunikacija in Rovinj. But since COVID-19 happened, you could imagine this could not have happened.

You can read more about the award ceremony from a wonderful article written by Netokracija.

Red Bull Flick


This 2 vs 2 CS:GO adventure streamed directly from our HQ. Red Bull really outdid itself for the hold the flag concept by providing five unique maps and great prizes. For everything to go flawless, there were also two casters, an observer and a stream director to ensure the best support. Check out the stream quality and wonderful gameplay here

Streamatron - 24-hour stream


Streamatron was a 24-hour charity stream organized by Good Game Global. During the stream, that didn’t break even once, various celebrities, influencers, and streamers played a variety of games to encourage viewer donations. The collected money was donated to the Club of Parents of Premature Infants Palčići for equipment and repairs needed after the Zagreb earthquake. 

Don’t worry, you will not have to view all 24 hours of the stream to see how it looked - here are some of the best moments!

Good Game Show


For five seasons now, we provide weekly content through our YouTube channel called Good Game Show. Bringing gaming news, meme reviews, and tournament announcements for all gaming and pop culture enthusiasts. Through Good Game Show podcast called Brutzcast, the streaming sounds, lighting, and equipment were tested over and over again. 

If you wish to stream some of your own events or be a streaming star, feel free to contact us and start your streaming journey!

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