Streamatron - powered by JGL

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In May of last year, while I was just beginning as a content creator for Good Game Global, the rest of the group decided to host a 24-hour charity stream with the name “Streamatron”. An event in which every hour, a new persona from Croatian pop culture, would enter the streaming world and play a different game. All of this of course for a good cause, in which all the donated money would go towards “Palčići”. The first Streamatron was a great success and we managed to raise €3720 towards the cause. Seeing the community working together and loving the idea, we decided to do another one.

Enter “Streamatron - Powered by JGL”

As summer was just beginning and vacation season was just around the corner, we decided to end the first part of the year with a bang. And what better way to do it, than to do another 24-hour charity stream. Of course, a new Streamatron would mean new faces for the stream so we gathered as follows:

Like I already said, each person had an hour of game time on stream, playing different games spanning from Natko Beck’s “Surgeon Simulator”, to friendly 1v1’s in “Worms” between Zembo Latifa and our very own CEO. The late-night shift was covered by the inside GG team who were playing games like PUBG:Battlegrounds, Rocket League, Minecraft, VALORANT, and more. Finally, during the last hour of the stream, me and Schutz were the lucky ones who got to play the new “Ratched and Clank: Rift Apart”. 

During the 24-hours, every person was supplied with VizolS eye drops by JGL and got a custom Streamatron shirt. We also partnered up with Submarine Burger so none of us would be hungry during the 24 hours, and Samsung was kind enough to give away a monitor to the highest donator of the stream. 

Speaking of donations, we crushed last year’s result and managed to raise €3940 for “Kolibrići”. 

The conclusion

Sleeping on the office floor and staying up almost 24 hours is a hard job to do, but it’s definitely a fun one. Meeting so many great people who came to our studio, to talking to the people in chat all day, is what makes it worth it. We’re all really proud to see what this community can achieve for a good cause in just 24 hours. 

In case you missed the stream, you can watch the Highlights video here. Talk to us, should we do another Streamatron before the end of the year? We would definitely love to!

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