Samsung Odyssey Masters

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After PUBG Duo Adria Championship's success and positive comments in 2019, we had to get back to this popular esports title.

So, in March of this year, we have decided to organize another PUBG tournament for our region. This time, in cooperation with Samsung Odyssey and Logitech, we decided to bring regional players into the mainstream of competitive PUBG. Enter - Samsung Odyssey Masters.

Source: Good Game Global

More than 80 teams applied, and only the best 42 teams would make it to one of three qualification groups throughout scrims. To make it even more competitive for those teams, we have decided to invite 9 teams into open qualifiers, and 4 teams directly into finals. All those teams have already been playing in BPL or they have competed in other tournaments like PSL. Some of the teams are Redline (now playing under name Entropiq), Sniip team, TLD, and mForce, which also received direct invitations to Samsung Odyssey Masters because of their placement on season 7 of BPL.

To make this pubg tournament even more appealing to the regional players, we have decided to partner with some of the best and well-known players from directly invited teams and let them contribute to the live stream with their unique commentary and their large game knowledge. We invited dogz3R, ivas, and ZEKO, and all of them would cast one open qualification group.

Source: Good Game Global

For the relegation and finals, hStRSH joined us as the voice behind the live stream. As a person that played in BPL in multiple seasons and was also behind the commentators desk in the last 3 seasons, he was the perfect choice for a caster as he knows a lot about the teams and their playstyle.

Through all of the matches spanning from the first qualification group until the end of the finals, we have seen some fast-paced and interesting matches. From 4 back-to-back wins from Misfits in group A, to 19 point wins in the last game from Convincers (in group B) that secured them a spot in the relegation group, to a 21 kill game from Redline in the finals. Of course, this kind of gameplay would not be present if it wasn’t for the S.U.P.E.R. ruleset which allows the teams to make a stand until the last game of the tournament phase.

Source: PUBG_EU Twitter

All of the matches and live streams of Samsung Odyssey Masters are available on our Youtube, so be sure to check them out and see all the action for yourself.

As the tournament progressed, we saw a lot of potential in teams and what they were capable of. In the finals, teams Redline and mForce fought for first place in an exciting match. The difference between those two teams was only a few points before the last game. The last game decided it all, and Redline took first place with 152 points (of which 101 points were generated from kills), mForce took second place with 144 points and TLD came in third with 105 points.

Source: Good Game Global

In contrast to the last PUBG tournament, this tournament included a different kind of prize pool. In cooperation with our partners, we gave equipment and vouchers to the first three ranked teams. So the team in the first place got: 

                    • 4 x Samsung Odyssey G7 gaming monitor 
                    • 4 x Logitech PRO X LIGHTSPEED wireless headset 
                    • 4 x Logitech G PRO TKL mechanical keyboard 
                    • 4 x Logitech G PRO wireless mouse 
                    • 4 x Good Game jersey 

Second place team went home with: 

                    • 1 x Logitech® G305 LIGHTSPEED wireless mouse (Black) 
                    • 1 x Logitech® G305 LIGHTSPEED wireless mouse (White) 
                    • 1 x Logitech® G305 LIGHTSPEED wireless mouse (Blue) 
                    • 1 x Logitech® G305 LIGHTSPEED wireless mouse (Lilac) 
                    • 4 x 50€ gaming voucher 

And third-place team received: 

                    • 4 x 50€ gaming voucher

Source: Good Game Global

From the organizational perspective of the tournament, we were more than glad about the opportunity to host this tournament because of all the talented teams and players that this region can bring to the EMEA PUBG scene. The massive support that this region provides to the scene and its teams is nothing short of amazing. Hopefully, we see you on another plane ride to Miramar & Erangel!

If you want to see the recap of the whole tournament, you can check it out right here.

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