Philips OneBlade Showdown Qualifiers Group C

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The last week of qualifiers for a spot in the Philips OneBlade Showdown Playoffs is now done! In over 5 hours of gameplay, we have found our last 2 teams and can’t be more excited for Tuesday. This Sunday was full of well-known teams from our previous Tournament Sundays and Discord screams. Teams like The OGs, Kamatari, and Inepta are well known among us, while teams like Just Do Nothing, Fortress026, and Cykatron would make their debuts on stream. 2 well-known regional teams also appeared in the bracket. Marten Gaming and ex Radnički eSport came hungry for victory.

We kicked the stream off with The OGs facing against Marten Gaming. As per usual, Mirage was picked and to no one's surprise, Marten Gaming dominated the map. The OGs had a rough start with a last-minute substitute and were playing against professionals. It wasn’t long until Marten Gaming put the last round on the scoreboard. 16:3, they secured their place in the next bracket spot.

Kamatari against Just Do Nothing was next and Kamatari were feeling confident with their map pick. Inferno was loading up and they were already in trouble seeing as Just Do Nothing were tied up in rounds. This was by far the best and closest match we saw and it ended up in the favor of Kamatari by just 4 rounds. 16:12 on the scoreboard and now they would face Marten Gaming.

Fortress026 and Inepta were also headed to Inferno and it was another close match. Inepta had quite the trouble closing up some of the rounds but were successful in the end. Fortress026 were missing a few shots they shouldn’t have missed and lost 16:10 in the process. One match left for the first half of the bracket.

ASDF, or ex Radnički eSport was up against Cykatron and Mirage was the map they chose. And boy did they choose it for a reason. Their AWP was a BEAST and held down mid on his own. Cykatron just couldn’t find the correct answer and the game was over quickly. ASDF dominated with a score 16:2 and were now up against Inepta.

It was finally time for Marten Gaming against Kamatari and we were about to see a new map. Kamatari confidently picked Dust II but they were in for a wild ride. Marten Gaming were more than dominating, only dropping 2 rounds while one of their players was disconnected. With a score 16:2 they secured their place in the playoffs.

The last match of the day would now feature Inepta and ASDF, and same as last Sunday, we were about to watch a game of Overpass. Even though Inepta were the ones to pick the map, they couldn’t stop ASDF and their pushing. Another dominating victory decided who was going to the playoffs and this time it was ASDF with a score of 16:5.

Like I’ve said at the beginning, all of the teams are now known for the playoffs phase. They are as follows: Immortal Balkans, M:O Gaming, Que Ota, Tobogan, Marten Gaming, and ASDF. We’re about to enter a week full of great CS:GO matches and it’s going to be a lot of fun. Of course, every match is going to be streamed on our Good Game Global YouTube channel. 

And of course, none of this would be possible without our friends over at Philips. Aside from being an amazing team to work with for this tournament, they released their new product, Philips OneBlade, which can do literally anything: Trim, edge, and shave any length of hair - for face and body! Their unique OneBlade technology, which moves the blade over 200 times a second, provides you with the best possible shaving experience. Once again, a huge shout-out to the guys at Philips for making this possible

Watch us live on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 20.00h +2GMT with this link:

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