Philips OneBlade Showdown Playoffs

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This week was filled with great Counter-Strike matches. After three weeks of Qualification phase we would now watch 3 days of Playoffs. Top 6 teams were about to compete for 2 spots in the finals and the grand prize of 5.000HRK. 

Tuesday rolls around and we’re watching Immortal Balkans vs ASDF and M:O Gaming vs Que Ota. Group B started first and, you guessed it, teams are loading up into Mirage. ASDF were swift on their feet and trigger happy. 16:4 they defeated Immortal Balkans and were one step closer to the finals. Inferno was up next with M:O Gaming against Que Ota. M:O Gaming showed up! MeDo Junior, Puhhhh and TheForceO’Nature wouldn’t let Que Ota even touch B site, let alone take a whole round. With dominant retakes and holds, M:O Gaming took a swift victory with a score of 16:3. Just like ASDF, they are one game away from finals.

Wednesday was a different story. Both ASDF and M:O Gaming would play today and they could both secure their spots for the finals on 9th May, but Marten Gaming had other plans. First game was between then and M:O Gaming, and boy did Marten Gaming surprise us all with their pick. We get the IP, paste it into the console and press “Enter”. Vertigo. Picked by who?? Marten Gaming of course. They wouldn’t let M:O Gaming to the finals without a fight, and what a fight it was. Marten Gaming were just better in all aspects on Vertigo. Both me and Proka were completely sure that M:O Gaming was prepared after watching their game on Inferno yesterday. It was a 30-minute victory for Marten Gaming by only dropping 3 rounds. 16:3 was the score and now Marten Gaming were in charge of who’s taking the spot in the finals.

Things were different in group B. Yesterday’s victors, ASDF, were up against Tobogan who barely even qualified for Playoffs against Puzoi Esports on Overpass. Once again it was Inferno. Tobogan really tried their best, even picking up a few key rounds and turning the game over in the second half, but ASDF were not here to play. They were here to win. 26 rounds later ASDF were victorious with a score of 16:10 and were now the first team in the Finals. Only one day of Playoffs left.

Final day of Playoffs would feature Que Ota, Marten Gaming, Tobogan and Immortal Balkans. Marten was going after a spot in the finals while Tobogan and Immortals would fight for 4th place. Thursday started off on the wrong foot. Que Ota didn’t show up to their match against Marten Gaming and were disqualified. Marten Gaming were awarded a victory and a spot in the finals. Stream started an hour later for the last and only match of the day. Tobogan vs Immortal Balkans. All aboard the last hype de_train. Tobogan picked Train as their last resort and Immortal Balkans were starting on CT side. Losing 4 rounds in a row, all hope seemed to have been lost for Immortals. But wait, who’s that? Sven on AWP? 1 round? 2, 3 & 4 rounds in a row? Hell yea, we’re watching a tight match. Or so it seemed. From that point, Immortal Balkans completely took matters into their own hands and dominated Tobogan on their map pick. Almost an hour of playtime and Immortal Balkans secured 4th place in the whole tournament by defeating Tobogan 16:8.

Philips OneBlade Showdown is slowly coming to an end. The only phase left is the Grand Finals and that is taking place on 9th May where ASDF and Marten Gaming will fight in a Bo3.

And of course, none of this would be possible without our friends over at Philips. Aside from being an amazing team to work with for this tournament, they released their new product, Philips OneBlade, which can do literally anything: Trim, edge and shave any length of hair - for face and body! Their unique OneBlade technology, which moves the blade over 200 times a second, provides you with the best possible shaving experience. Once again, a huge shout-out to the guys at Philips for making this possible.

Join me and Proka on 9th May, live at Good Game Global’s YouTube Channel:

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