Philips OneBlade Showdown GRAND FINALS

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After almost a two-week break of Counter-Strike matches, it was finally time to return. Philips OneBlade Showdown finals were just around the corner and we couldn’t have been more excited. Sunday rolls around and both teams were ready to put up a fight in the Bo3 series. Marten Gaming were up against ASDF - ex Radnički eSports. 

30 minutes before the stream start pick & ban phase was initiated and boy, oh boy, were we all surprised. Not only did ASDF pick Overpass, but they left Vertigo open for grabs for Marten Gaming. Didn’t take long for Marten’s captain to type that exact map into our Discord chat. It was quite obvious what was about to commence. Rest of the maps were banned and we were left with Train as the decider.

Loading up into the first map, Overpass, both Proka and I had high expectations for ASDF seeing as they picked it. It wasn’t long until we realised that Marten Gaming came absolutely prepared. Starting the game off on CT side, Marten Gaming took the first half with a score of 10-5. Those 10 rounds that they won? Those were all in a row. ASDF barely fought for those 5 rounds. Second halftime started and Marten Gaming spared no time at all. Rushing into sites and rotating like they’re playin a major, they won the first game quickly with the score of 16-6.

Of course we didn’t want the finals to be one-sided, but Vertigo was up next and we clearly remember Marten Gaming on said map. We were scared of what would happen to ASDF, but pleasantly surprised after the first few rounds. ASDF took the pistol round and a few after that. 4-0 on the scoreboard and could it be? Is ASDF secretly prepared for Vertigo? Was this their plan the whole time? Marten Gaming doesn’t think so. By the end of the match ASDF only managed to squeeze in 1 more round, while Marten Gaming dominated their pick. 16.5 was the final result and Marten Gaming are now your first Philips OneBlade Showdown champions!

We couldn’t be more proud of all the teams who competed, but a huge congratulations goes to the top 4 teams: Immortal Balkans, M:O Gaming, ASDF and of course Marten Gaming.
And of course, none of this would be possible without our friends over at Philips. Aside from being an amazing team to work with for this tournament, they released their new product, Philips OneBlade, which can do literally anything: Trim, edge and shave any length of hair - for face and body! Their unique OneBlade technology, which moves the blade over 200 times a second, provides you with the best possible shaving experience. Once again, a huge shout-out to the guys at Philips for making this possible.

It was an absolute honor to organize, cast and watch all the games throughout  this tournament. Hopefully we get the chance to do this again. 

Until next time!

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