Hrvatski Telekom e-Liga

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After the success that was the first season, Hrvatski Telekom decided to renew the project and start 2021. with the second season of “Hrvatski Telekom e-Liga”.


With more players, more matches, more clubs, and a bigger prize pool in mind, registrations were open on 23rd March and lasted a week and a half. In that week, all 1.024 spots were filled and we were on for a great season. But things were a bit different this time. Let me explain.

Instead of 4 main Croatian football clubs like last season (GNK Dinamo, HNK Rijeka, NK Osijek, and HNK Hajduk), Hrvatski Telekom tried gathering the top 10 clubs in Croatia but were only successful with 9. So, the second season consisted of 2 groups: Nositelji & Izazivači:


  • GNK Dinamo
  • NK Osijek
  • HNK Rijeka


  • HNK Gorica
  • NK Istra
  • NK Lokomotiva
  • NK Slaven Belupo
  • HNK Šibenik
  • NK Varaždin

We started things off with the Qualifications phase which lasted from 6th April to 18th April. 1024 players across all teams were placed in a bracket and played a Bo3 series until only the top 16 players remained. Things were tight right from the beginning and we’ve seen some amazing matches and some popular faces we’ve seen in the first season as well. 

21st April comes around and we were now left with top 16 FIFA players in Croatia. And the list of players was STACKED:

  • Oxygen9669
  • stjepkoo1997
  • NoFIFApoints-_-
  • NK_OS_superfly
  • roko_manutd
  • Gonic_zmajeva
  • I730ITeoI
  • VerB-2222
  • zutokljunac11
  • Brunobanani044
  • Valentino0302
  • zd_dalmatinac
  • D10S_Sas
  • Tunz1708
  • Sulja13
  • Lil_Damba


Out of 4 finalists from last season, only one made it to the top 16 again and it was NK_OS_Superfly, better known as Rio Exotic. The rest of the top 15 players looked fresh and hungry for victory as they would now enter the Playoffs phase which lasted for 6 weeks. Again they would play Bo3 series but in a different format. Each player would face all 15 of his opponents until there were top 4 players on the table. 

To nobody’s surprise NK_OS_Superfly was in the finals again and wanted to redeem himself for the placement in first season. Alongside him, our finalist were: 

  • NK_OS_Superfly
  • NoFIFApoints-_-
  • I730ITeoI
  • D10S_Sas

We formed the bracket live on stream with the help of Malajski Tapir – one of the most famous FIFA influencers in the region.

The finals took place on 5th June in Hrvatski Telekom Bussiness Showroom, just like last season. Over the span of 4 hours, we watched 10 games and finally found out who won the second season of Hrvatski Telekom e-Liga. Taking the victory out of NK_OS_Superfly’s hands, I730ITeoI took home the title and the grand prize of 10.000HRK. The final standings are:

  • I730ITeoI – 10.000HRK
  • NK_OS_Superfly – 5.000HRK
  • D10S_Sas – 2.000HRK
  • NoFIFApoints-_- – 1.000HRK


We were really happy with how the first season of Hrvatski Telekom e-Liga turned out, but we also knew we wanted something more. We wanted to spice up and change most of the content that we produced. The idea of including our players in more content was introduced. From various interviews to their match stats, all of the top 16 players were showcased to the fans. A more personal bond was created and we achieved a level of wholesomeness between the players. 

A change in YouTube content was also a must. Remembering the first season, we stuck to the commentary of every single match that was provided to us by the players. Although it was fun to watch every game that was played, we needed more dynamics in the videos. The new format was like a “Best of” episode for each day of the tournament. We introduced new hosts, a “Tips & Tricks” video for each episode, and daily updates on players' current rankings. 

Through social media, we also partnered with paysafecard and provided the fans and viewers with a bunch of giveaways. Almost every day we gave out a 350HRK paysafecard voucher. Samsung also wanted to jump in, and in collaboration with them, we gave out an Odyssey gaming monitor to a lucky winner. 

With Hrvatski Telekom we decided to go even bigger. Not only could the people have won official Hrvatski Telekom e-Liga jerseys, but they could also win a brand new PS5! The only thing they had to do was post an Instagram story of themselves doing keepy ups. And I have to say that it was very hard to determine the winner because we had so many good applications.

Moving away from the social media side of things, handling all the players and matches was not an easy task. 4 admins worked together with Challengermode staff to keep an eye on every single match and its result. The first few days were chaotic on the Discord server as we had 1024 players trying to play the game. EA’s servers weren’t helping us either as they kept crashing due to so many players from one region being online and trying to play. 

As the competition went on, it was easier to control everything from our end. Gathering the top 16 was handled without a problem. Players stuck to all the agreements and sent their recorded matches without a hassle. 

The finals were just a bit more different than the 1st season. Instead of a 2v2 format, we opted for the 1v1 format instead, as we thought it would be fairer towards the players themselves. In terms of production, we changed the schedule, overlays and hid the PSN IDs of players so we don’t have the same situation as last year.


It was once again a huge honor to work alongside Hrvatski Telekom for the second season of Hrvatski Telekom e-Liga. I can barely wait for the next one!


Pro Player