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In addition to tournaments and merchandise, we have two Brawl Stars esports team. And who better to tell you more about them then the team captain Lavvek. Besides being a hardworking pro player, he is a famous YouTuber.

Your YouTube channel now has over 12 million views and you are close to 100.000 subscribers. Have you ever dreamed of it? 

Although it opened in 2010, I released the first video on March 15, 2019, urged by my friends. They thought it was a good idea to share my knowledge and expert gameplay with others who might like it. I’ve never thought too much about numbers, but I find them as an indicator of the effort and work put into the whole channel. Now that number of 100.000 looks very tempting to me, mostly because of the play button. It would be a very nice reward for everything done so far. 

What would you say to those just starting their streaming career?

What helped me the most was that I wasn't burdened with numbers even at one bit. If even one person is willing to take their time to watch your streams, it is more than worth streaming and giving your best.

What are your favorite YouTubers - do you watch them in your free time or do you prefer to spend moments outside of streaming in another way?

Honestly, I don’t spend too much time watching YouTube, but I definitely look at what my YouTube friends have uploaded to compare content. There is a lot of commitment, video recording, streaming, studying, coaching for tournaments, playing tournaments in my life, so I prefer to spend my free time with my girlfriend and friends.

When did your love for Brawl Stars begin? What prompted you to start playing it competitively? Do you play other games?

I have always been a competitive person, in every game I played I strived to be the best. It all started when the global release came in December 2019 and I liked the game almost instantly which was shown in my progress. After 3 months of playing, I managed to reach the 1st place on the local leaderboards and it was a sign that it was time to ease into competitions. When it comes to other games, I like to play Teamfight tactics, Valorant, LoL, but not competitively, just for my soul. 

Why Brawl Stars - what’s the difference from other competitive mobile games?

Personally, I love team games, and additionally, the game had great mechanics, simplicity of play, and attractive graphics. I think Supercell is an expert at attracting people to mobile games.

You are a part of the Good Game Brawl Stars competitive team. Can you briefly tell us more about the team itself?

That's right. There are currently 2 rosters, Good Game Gold: Mr_Adry, Dominjo, Matenzi and I and Good Game Order: DzonDzon, Ciro, Andrey, and Tode. We focus on regional tournaments in which we are totally dominant for now, everything that was played was won by one of us. We train a lot, we get as ready as possible and it all pays off in the end.

Often in the comments of your fans #Lavvici, we can read that it no longer makes sense to play Brawl Stars tournaments in the region because all the good players are now a part of Good Game. What success has the team managed to obtain so far?

As for regional tournaments, we won everything there is. Two LAN tournaments in Serbia: RUR powered by Telenor (500 EUR prize money) and Gamescon powered by Telenor (800 EUR), Brawl Balkan League Invitational (10 best regional teams), and most recently 1st and 2nd place in A1 Adria League (almost 1000 EUR prize). The only thing we lost in the semifinals is the Brawl Balkan league season 1, where we finished 3rd.

What is your view on mobile games esports? Do you think it is a lot behind PC games such as CS:GO, League of Legends, or similar?

I think that mobile esports is just taking off on the world stage because young audiences mostly play mobile games, which gives them a big advantage. Research has also shown that there are more mobile gamers than PCs or consoles. It is definitely not up to par with the most famous PC games, but it certainly has potential and room for development. Certainly, until some big company like RIOTA does something globally, we will only see occasional flashes of mobile game members.

What are your plans for the future of the team? Do you have a common dream that you want to achieve?

The total focus is on the A1 Adria League. After winning season 5, we continue to prepare for season 6, which brings qualification to the biggest LAN tournament so far - Reboot Infogamer. The dream is to win that LAN and raise the trophy cup in front of all that wonderful audience that will be there.

And finally, what is your favorite memory while playing? Do you have a special gaming moment you remember fondly?

The most special moment in my entire gaming career is definitely playing the finals in Hearthstone at the A1 Adria League at Reboot Infogamer 2018. Even though I lost the finals, it was wonderful to see people supporting and cheering you on when you play on stage.

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