Good Game needs you! ( to answer a couple of questions )

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The global esports economy will generate revenues of $1.1 billion in the coming year. According to Newzoo, most of these revenues will come from sponsorships and media rights. Consumer spending on tickets and merchandise will total $121.7 million, while another $116.3 million will come from game publishers' investments into esports space.

The main culprits for all these numbers are, of course, gamers. They come in all shapes and sizes with unique characteristics and lifestyles.

But what do we know about our regional gamers? There is little to none data to answer this question. That is why Good Game decided to start this quest and unravel the mysteries of regional gamers.

Help us get the data! Spread the survey around - show it to your friends and family (kids and elders included)! Also, don’t forget to fulfill it yourself. ;)

To fill out the questionnaire click here.